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FRIDAY, JUN 19, 2020
Social Explorer debuts new Teaching and Learning Modules

Social Explorer is constantly expanding its content to offer better products, services, and data-driven solutions to our broad array of users. We specifically strive t... more

THURSDAY, FEB 13, 2020
Save Map Positions in Social Explorer

Exploring specific areas of interest just became a whole lot easier on Social Explorer with our new  feature, Save Map Position! It’s simple. Once you have ... more

Social Explorer presents Geodata Downloads!

For anyone working with U.S. based location data, shapefiles—a file format for storing geographic data—are critical to the task of visualizing and analyzin... more

TUESDAY, FEB 04, 2020
Introducing the Layers Selection Tool

Social Explorer offers a variety of geography selection tools for creating reports from maps or masking areas of interest. We’ve now added a brand new tool to ou... more

FRIDAY, OCT 04, 2019
Introducing our new Change Over Time feature!

What if you wanted to map change in population density over a period of time at the census tract level? Or, show change over time in median household income in a speci... more

Are Opportunity Zones a Good Investment? Find out with Social Explorer’s new map layer

“There’s a tremendous amount of data out there that interested parties need to sift through and what we’ve done is synthesize it into easy-to-use and... more

Data Filtering Now Made Easy on Social Explorer!

Filter areas by criteria Say hello to our brand new beta feature, Filter areas by criteria! This dynamic and intuitive data filtering tool powers your research by enab... more

Social Explorer debuts new features

In the past three months, Social Explorer has added new features designed to allow users to do more with our platform. We hope this leads to new insights and stor... more

THURSDAY, JAN 03, 2019
Social Explorer Beta Maps Are Live!

A few weeks ago, when we announced the release of our redesigned website and a new dashboard, we promised we’ll be back with more very soon. This time, we update... more

Introducing Social Explorer’s New Website & Dashboard

We redesigned the Social Explorer website to improve the overall user experience, whether you’re a first-time visitor or a longtime user. Check out our new user ... more

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