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Social Explorer’s Reports Tool Has a New Look

MONDAY, JUN 22, 2020

Same Tool with an Upgraded Look

If you liked our report making capabilities before, you are going to love them now. Social Explorer’s Reports tool has gone through some changes and it has never looked better. 

Your data rich reports are now only a few clicks away with our upgraded, sleek, and easy-to-use Reports tool.

Creating reports has never been easier

You can quickly and easily create and manage reports for one or thousands of variables and geographies through Social Explorer’s reporting tool. With our newly updated UX design, creating reports has never been simpler. For an effortless workflow, the application is separated into two sections. The first consists of a guided wizard that allows you to choose all the parameters for your report, and the second section is a table view, where you have the option to modify, download, and share your newly created report. 

We’ve also added a crucial improvement to our reports tool allowing you to change surveys while keeping pre-selected geographies and tables, a feature that was previously unavailable. This means that you can download the same report for different years in just a few simple clicks, rather than creating a report manually for each individual year.  

To create a report in the new reports app, follow these three easy steps: 

  • select a survey

  • select geographies, and

  • select tables

Step 1: Choose a Survey 

We’ve all endlessly searched through surveys trying to find a specific data variable of interest. To resolve this issue, we’ve added a search bar to ensure that you find the survey you need in seconds. 

Find the survey you need in seconds with our new search bar

Step 2: Select Geographies 

Use the new search bar to quickly and easily find specific areas of interest on all geographic levels. Adding geographies through FIPS codes has also been upgraded for a seamless experience. Note that you can still select multiple items at once – simply press Shift on your keyboard.

Select geographies with ease

Step 3: Select Tables

Once again, use the search bar to find specific tables of interest. We’ve also updated our premade reports to enable you to see which tables are part of a particular premade report. You can use premade reports as a bundle selection (shortcut) and then remove or add additional tables for your report.

Select specific tables of interest within seconds

Note: if there is a report that you frequently use which is currently not available on Social Explorer, please contact us. We will create a custom premade report with specific parameters just for you. 

Once you have chosen all of your specifications, click “Create Report”. Once created, you have the option of modifying your report by clicking the red “modify report” icon on the right hand side of your screen. While modifying, users also have the totals option, where they can choose to show only total values for selected geographies and no longer have to slide through individual geographies to receive total values. 

When your report is finalized, save it to your account or download the file in Excel or as a CSV file. You can even share your report with others by clicking the share icon. 

The table display’s new design makes navigation easier with a fixed header and a fixed first row

Want to experience all these new and improved features for yourself? Head over to reports and enjoy the ease of creating data rich reports with Social Explorer. Don’t hesitate to send your feedback to our customer support team. We are eagerly waiting to hear from you.

Author: Hana Trokic

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