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Save Map Positions in Social Explorer

THURSDAY, FEB 13, 2020

Exploring specific areas of interest just became a whole lot easier on Social Explorer with our new  feature, Save Map Position! It’s simple. Once you have created a map of your liking, you can then save that exact position for future use. Not only does this allow our users to return to their areas of interest quickly, but also enables them to navigate Social Explorer maps with ease. 

Navigate With Ease

If you are working on a project that requires you to explore specific demographic regions, this feature is a lifesaver. Once you have created a map in Social Explorer, follow these quick and easy steps to save your map position:

  1. On the bottom right-hand side of your screen, look for the map positions icon.

  2. Click on the icon and then Save current map position. 

  3. Title your map position and click save.

  4. Easily browse through saved map positions to return to areas of interest at any time. 

Look for our newly added map position icon to save demographic areas of interest.

Add a title, save your map position, and return to areas of interest with complete ease.

Our Save Map Positions feature enables users to save common map viewpoints and quickly navigate maps. Additionally, map views are saved on a user level, allowing you to retrieve map positions in any project. We will store latitude, longitude, and zoom level for each saved map position or bookmark. 

This feature also offers the benefit of exporting maps without the need to reposition them manually, and allows greater ease for projects using story mode. 

You can save up to 20 map positions and also have the option of editing or deleting your bookmarked positions at any time.

Easily edit or delete map positions.

So what are you waiting for? Save time by trying out our new map positions feature now! 

Also, tell us what you think about our new feature by sending us your suggestions, comments, and questions to

Author: Hana Trokic

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