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Real Estate

Turn location data into smarter decisions and better outcomes

Use data to make informed decisions and minimize risk. Even modest improvements can lead to substantial differences in outcome. That is why it is important to load up on data. With Social Explorer you get instant access to all the leading real estate indicators. It can help you identify development opportunities, understand the driving factors behind locations, find new and emerging markets and analyze your current real estate properties in minutes.

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Social Explorer allows me a quick way to understand the demographics or demographic changes, without taking the time to download census data and put them in GIS. You have saved me a ton of time and effort.
Laurie Zapalac, PhD, Zapalac advisors

Use data to find better locations.

Analyse location potential to make smarter decisions and increase your profits.

Modern companies use data to do market research, find new opportunities and outsmart their competition. With Social Explorer you get instant access to all the leading indicators relevant in real estate. It’s a great way to start maximizing your investment potential.

Illustration of a person with a magnifying glass looking at a street map.
Illustration of a person sitting on a bench with a laptop and a big green map behind him.
Easily identify areas with:

High cost of renting

High percentage of units being rented vs. owned

High percentage of renters renting property with 3x income

Low vacancy rates

Low unemployment rates

and much more

Examine change over time

Social Explorer allows you to analyze how an area changed over time, so you can spot trends, reinforce your decisions and decrease the margin for error.

Illustration of several location pin symbols with years written on them  2018, 2008, 2000, 1970.
Social Explorer data info box showing population density of a census tract in NYC.
Analyze location potential

With a click of a button, get deep insights into a potential location. Our tools, maps and data provide answers to questions about demography, economy, quality of life, business, crime, health and more. Analyze proximity to facilities such as transportation, hospitals, shops, school zones, beaches, or even retreats.

Reduce weeks of demographic research down to minutes.

Perform demographic studies and explorations using the latest data that are accurate and reliable. Social Explorer saves you tremendous amounts of time by removing the hurdles of downloading Census data and getting them into a GIS system. It is point and click easy so you can get started without any special training.

Illustration of a businesswoman relaxing her legs crossed resting on a big clock.

Get the latest demographic data, reports and beautiful maps for your projects and decision making.

Create demographic reports with a click.

Select an area using a map, choose a topic and voila, your report is ready. You can modify any selections you’ve made to include tables or geographies of your choice. Aggregates and percents are computed automatically including medians which are complicated to compute. All with a click of a button.

Illustration of a student sitting on a data table showing income data.
Social Explorer report topic search menu with several results displayed: Essentials report, Comprehensive report, Market analysis report, Poverty and Employment.
Advanced research.

Use Social Explorer to download massive amounts of data for offline processing with major statistical package such as R, SAS, SPSS, STATA, desktop GIS, or any other software or product that supports CSV and Excel files.

Masking feature lets you focus on your area of interest.

Mask your area of interest and the data will only be shown inside your selection. This is a very convenient way to focus user attention to an area that matters to you, and remove the distraction of the surrounding areas while keeping the contours visible for context.

Part of the map with an indication that says ‘Mask is on’.

Create stunning presentations and marketing materials

Include beautiful maps in your reports and presentations and dazzle your audience. Show deep insights that will impress your clients and investors.

Our brains process visual content 60,000 times faster than text. Smooth, customizable, and user-friendly maps will make your presentations instantly stand out and communicate your data with the blink of an eye.

Illustration of a businessman presenting Social Explorer bubble map visualization.

Beautifully simple.

Our innovative and award winning user interface is point and click simple so there’s much less to learn and much more to accomplish. What used to take hours or even weeks of work, now takes only a few minutes. It runs entirely on the web so there’s nothing to install or maintain — it is updated automatically and regularly.

I’m continually impressed by the features that Social Explorer adds. The geocoding feature is another excellent addition. My colleagues and I work a lot with historical census data and many locations that we map have long vanished and street addresses and names change. Thanks, Joe
Joseph A. Hurley, Data Services and GIS Librarian, Georgia State University Library
Data insights are waiting to be uncovered
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