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MONDAY, JAN 25, 2021
Healthcare Support Employees Across the United States

As vaccines to inoculate healthcare workers against the COVID-19 virus are given with agonizing slowness, a Social Explorer analysis of newly released 2015-19 American... more

FRIDAY, JAN 22, 2021
Population of Older Americans

Most of the nation has made a decision to prioritize coronavirus vaccines to the 50.8 million Americans who are 65 and older, among the most vulnerable segments of the... more

Southern California Sees Surge in COVID-19 Cases

While winter was feared for its potential to spread the deadly coronavirus, its worst effects have been felt so far in an unlikely place where cool weather is infreque... more

THURSDAY, JAN 14, 2021
Population with Doctorate Degrees in the U.S.

When President-elect Joe Biden is sworn in as president on Jan. 20, his wife Jill will become the first resident with a doctorate in more than a century. Roughly 3.1 m... more

TUESDAY, JAN 12, 2021
Change in U.S. Black Population in the Last Decade

The nation’s Black population has grown more than 7.5 percent over the past decade, according to a Social Explorer analysis of newly released 2015-19 American Co... more

MONDAY, JAN 11, 2021
Income Gap Inequality in the U.S.

Nine of the 10 U.S. counties with the greatest gaps between rich and poor grew even more unequal during the last decade, according to a Social Explorer analysis of new... more

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