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TUESDAY, SEP 22, 2020
Enrolled Students Across the U.S.

Barely one-quarter of U.S. schoolchildren reported having contact with their teacher for four days or more during the last two weeks of August, according to a Social E... more

TUESDAY, SEP 22, 2020
To Eat or Not to Eat Out During a Global Pandemic?

More than half of all Americans are avoiding eating at restaurants as a global pandemic continues to kill hundreds of thousands, according to a Social Explorer analysi... more

TUESDAY, SEP 15, 2020
Almost Half of Americans Behind on Rent Fear Eviction Amid Global Pandemic

Almost half of Americans who are behind on their rent believe it’s very or somewhat likely that they’ll be evicted within the next two months, ac... more

MONDAY, SEP 14, 2020
Mentally Unhealthy Days Per Month Across the U.S.

Depression, which generally affects 7.1 percent of Americans, is apparently becoming more prevalent as a global pandemic continues with no end in sight. A Social Explo... more

THURSDAY, SEP 10, 2020
Biggest Relative Increase in Coronavirus Infections Include Major College Campuses

Eight of the 10 metro areas with the biggest relative increase in coronavirus infections over the last two weeks include major college campuses, according to a Social ... more

Mortgage-Free Households, 1920-2018

It may be difficult to imagine a time when most American homeowners didn’t have a mortgage to pay. Only 37 percent of American homeowners are living mortgage-fre... more

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