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MONDAY, DEC 19, 2022
Continually Decreasing Household Sizes Across the United States

Which is worse? The COVID-19 pandemic, or the affordable housing crisis? The pandemic, apparently. A Social Explorer analysis of American Community Survey data found t...

MONDAY, NOV 21, 2022
Median Home Value Across the United States

Given the runup in U.S. housing prices over the last several years, the 2021 American Community Survey results of median home value are probably a better reflection of...

Where in the U.S. do Monthly Electricity Bills Top $250?

U.S. natural gas producers are seeking big profits from exporting natural gas to Europe and Asia, as natural gas from Russia becomes scarce in the wake of its invasion...

MONDAY, NOV 14, 2022
American Dream of Homeownership Out of Reach for a Growing Number of Americans

Soaring housing prices, spiraling inflation, and rising interest rates are putting the American dream of homeownership even more out of reach for a growing number of A...

MONDAY, NOV 07, 2022
Households that Received Food Stamps, 2021

Groceries seldom have been cheap, and inflation is taking a large bite from the budgets of some of the nation’s poorest places, according to a Social Explorer an...

TUESDAY, NOV 01, 2022
Winter is Coming, Time to Turn Up the Heating

Texas, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania may account for more than half of U.S. natural gas production, but it’s used most often to heat homes in Great Lakes and Utah ...

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