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FRIDAY, JUN 17, 2022
Looking to Vacation Locally? Find Where the Most Vacation Homes are Located Across the U.S.

More than 90 percent of vacant housing units in almost 40 U.S. counties are vacation homes, according to a Social Explorer analysis of 2016-20 American Community Surve...

FRIDAY, JUN 17, 2022
With Soaring Gasoline Prices, Long Commutes to Work are Looking even Worse

As the average price of gasoline tops $5 per gallon, some Americans have it worse than others – especially workers living in remote, rural communities who have t...

FRIDAY, JUN 17, 2022
Same Sex Marriages in the U.S., 2020

The percentage of same-sex married couples, who make up about 0.5 percent of all married households, grew almost 10 percent between 2019 and 2020, according to a Socia...

THURSDAY, JUN 16, 2022
Years of Potential Life Lost, 2020

Nine of the 10 counties with the greatest loss of potential life lie within areas with high concentrations of Native Americans, according to a Social Explorer analysis...

THURSDAY, JUN 16, 2022
U.S. Foreign Born Population, 2020

Miami-Dade County, Fla., remains the only U.S. county where a majority of residents were born overseas, according to a Social Explorer analysis of 2016-20 American Com...

TUESDAY, JUN 14, 2022
Single Parent Households Across the U.S.

As the nation prepares to celebrate its newest federal holiday – Juneteenth, the date in 1865 on which Texas slaves learned they were free – the legacy of ...

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