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Retail and FMCG

Grow sales with an immersive view of your locations and target markets

Simple to use yet very powerful, Social Explorer helps you make informed, data-driven decisions for better site selection, market analysis and sales. Find profitable locations, increase sales and effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

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We are really impressed with Social Explorer, with the data that is on, and with the ways that it is displayed. Social Explorer is an amazing tool and we’ve been referring to it as an example of how to effectively display data.
Amanda Wilson, Program Manager writing for The Charleston Review

Grow Sales

Identify opportunities, reduce risk, and grow your business.

Social Explorer comes with unprecedented data and tools you need to understand your local markets, target the right audience, and make informed decisions that will drive your business growth and minimize your risk.

Illustration of Social Explorer data filter feature menu over a map.
The Social Explorer enables researchers to devote more time to research than to data extraction, processing and mapping... It is simple to learn and use for both novices and professionals... Today’s students and professionals are accustomed to fast responses and information, and Social Explorer meets those expectations.
Joan Naymark, Target Corporation
Illustration of a person with a magnifying glass looking at the street map
Understand your local markets

With over 500,000 data indicators down to neighborhood level, Social Explorer allows you to target the right areas with the right products and an appropriate marketing message. You will know exactly the profile of people who live in an area, what they do, how much they make and what they spend money on. For example, our Consumer Expenditure data modeled down to the neighborhood level will inform you what your potential customers are buying and the demographics will tell you what life stage they are in, so you can make smart choices with your targeting campaigns, product assortment and store locations.

Visualize your customers and create custom market profiles

Social Explorer comes with unprecedented data and tools you need to understand your local markets, target the right audience, and make informed decisions that will drive your business growth and minimize your risk.

A shaded area map with the masking feature turned on showing data only on a portion of the map.

Expand your business

Find great locations

Select your next location with confidence. Predict profitable sites based on area demographics and socioeconomic standing. Use data to lower uncertainty, understand your existing locations and external factors impacting your business. Use success factors of your existing locations to find new ones.

Illustration of a person looking through a spyglass with cityscapes behind him.
Illustration of a person standing next to three location symbols with ranking numbers on them 1, 2, 3.

Rank locations in your area

Use Social Explorer to rank locations based on criteria you specify. For example, you can identify all locations that share certain attributes like median income over $50,000, median age over 50 and education at least BA. This would find wealthy, educated older folks. You may also assign a score to each and rank them.

I was so happy to find SE. It makes my job a lot easier. What I like about Social Explorer is that it is curated - it's nice to know that there is something out there that was really validated.
Kathy Freeman, The Nature Conservancy
Set up a targeted marketing strategy with unparalleled insights

Use maps and spatial analysis to strengthen and inform decisions on inventory and marketing campaigns. Understand the ethnic, demographic, socioeconomic and geographic traits of your target location and get a better picture of the market landscape.

Illustration of a student doing research on a laptop with a big green map in front of her.
Illustration of a small shop with icons representing data for education, family structure, race, and population.
Identify external factors impacting your business

External factors such as population shifts, economic development, climate change, markets, neighborhoods, real estate development can have a huge impact on your business. Use Social Explorer to identify and plan for these factors.

Easy to use

Social Explorer has won numerous awards for its innovative design and ease of use. You can get started without any special skills or training. It is also 100% cloud-based, so there’s nothing to install, update, or patch.

Illustration of a young boy running with a kite.
Data insights are waiting to be uncovered
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