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Miss the old American FactFinder?

Easier, faster and more powerful than American FactFinder, welcome to Social Explorer. Save hours of work and easily explore historical and current data with beautiful maps, detailed reports & unlimited data downloads.

Get the Social Explorer advantage!

Why choose Social Explorer?

With quick, data-driven solutions for both institutions and businesses, Social Explorer is the answer to all your demographic and socioeconomic data needs.
Find, download and map data easily!

“Social Explorer just works better for me than what the Census Bureau has put forth with their version of American FactFinder. I’ve always liked looking at the maps, seeing the counties, and being able to highlight things and see different key trends in the data that’s out there.”
Mark Scott, Data Librarian, Lehigh University
“I could spend hours and hours on American FactFinder and not get nearly the same level that I could get from Social Explorer in less than an hour. Best, most accessible data source for comprehensive data on demographics and population.”
Stefan Heisler, Community Development, City of Rancho Cordova, CA

What makes
Social Explorer better?

Explore and analyze over half a million data indicators all in one place! Visualize key data points with our dynamic mapping tools, create reports, download data and more with just a few clicks.

Find data faster

Easily explore and download Census data, the entire American Community Survey and specialized datasets on health, education, religion, crime, environment & more. Access brand new datasets added regularly to our data library.

Census data made easy

Social Explorer’s datasets are thoroughly documented, always up-to-date and processed for ease of use. Explore, download, or map census data and gain unique insights at the most granular levels of geography.

Quick data downloads

Create detailed data reports to export thousands of variables and geographies quickly. Download datasets for use in GIS, Excel, SAS, R, STATA or other packages for further analysis. Easily add your own data for greater impact.

Create beautiful maps

Harness the power of our user-friendly, easily customizable mapping tools to create stunning data visualizations for your reports and presentations. Export, embed, or share our fully interactive maps on social media.

Award winning

Data insights are waiting to be uncovered
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