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Social Explorer is COUNTER Certified

MONDAY, JUN 29, 2020

We are very proud to announce that Social Explorer is now COUNTER certified! This new achievement makes Social Explorer the only online mapping application currently available with COUNTER certification – a library industry standard for usage reporting. As we continuously strive to update and upgrade our platform, this is yet another achievement on the growing list of benefits we offer our users.

Project COUNTER is a standardizing body that issues a Code of Practice for publishers and content providers to adhere to while counting usage of electronic resources. The code of practice ensures that libraries evaluate use in ways that are consistent and credible across different electronic resource platforms, which makes it a valuable source for all librarians. 

Social Explorer offers the option of creating COUNTER-5 compliant reports on our platform. These reports can be easily created through the My Organization tab on the dashboard. Build COUNTER usage reports in minutes with our straightforward application.

COUNTER Usage statistics are available from October 2019 onward.

Create COUNTER reports easily through the My Organization tab

To find out more about COUNTER and how it can help you and your institution, read our help article for additional information and details.

Author: Hana Trokic

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