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Urban Planning and City management

Analyze and understand socio-economic
and demographic development of your city.

Simple to use yet very powerful, Social Explorer provides detailed demographic and socio-economic data for your city, beautiful maps for your presentations and accurate information for your reports. All without hiring an expert demographer or a GIS guru.

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We are really impressed with Social Explorer, with the data that is on, and with the ways that it is displayed. Social Explorer is an amazing tool and we’ve been referring to it as an example of how to effectively display data.
Amanda Wilson, Program Manager writing for The Charleston Review

Understand the change happening in your city

Many different data points of view

Modern companies use data to do market research, find new opportunities and outsmart their competition. With Social Explorer you get instant access to all the leading indicators relevant in real estate. It’s a great way to start maximizing your investment potential.

Illustration of a person with a magnifying glass looking at a Social Explorer swipe map of San Francisco showing a bubble map on the left side and a shaded area map on the right.
Illustration of a data info box showing Area Analysis Report with a chart of age and basic demographic statistics.
The Pressure to use data

The pressure to use more data has never been greater, and at the same time understanding how to use data remains one of the biggest challenges urban planners and city managers face.

Social Explorer goes a long way in making data useful and easily digestible with a point and click interface that provides answers to questions like how is this area changing, and what neighborhoods are gentrifying. Anticipating resident’s needs and supporting economic growth and development. Social Explorer’s clear definitions and explanations of concepts will help you Interpret and understanding data.

Coming to correct conclusions takes many different data points of view. This is where Explorer’s large collection of data, historic perspective, and many different angles come through.
Ahmed Lacevic, Co-founder, Social Explorer

Present convincing arguments and tell your story with data.

‘I’ll believe it when I see it’ — One of the best ways to convince people is to show it visually and Social Explorer really shines when it comes to presentation. Your audience will take notice. Social Explorer will help you make convincing arguments and rally people to your ideas.

Illustration of a businessman presenting a Social Explorer map with a report in the background.
Illustration of a student looking at a map and a report of income data.

Self service demography.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a demographer on hand at all times or at all. Social Explorer is your demographer in a pocket. Sure, it can’t replace a real person but it can certainly answer a lot of your questions quickly so you can lead informed, intelligent conversation with your team or someone far more knowledgeable in the field.

All this with point and click ease and beautifully presented. You don’t have to read mind numbing tables or reports, Social Explorer presents everything with beautiful data visualizations.

I’m not a researcher, I’m a manager. When I have a research question, I ask my demographer and I say can you answer this question for me and a week or so later I get a hard copy map or a table. There are two problems with that: It takes a really long time to get an answer and I don’t get the benefit of investigating the data, it’s just presented to me.

I love the fact that I can get out and do it, I don’t have to wait for my demographer, I want instantaneous information and I love the fact that there is data for my community.

Kerrie Tyndall, Kansas City

Support economic development.

Use data to measure and analyze long-term impact of development incentives from the economic and geospatial perspective. With Social Explorer analytical tools, you can examine change at the neighborhood level including census data, socio-economic, business and other.

Illustration of a student doing research on a laptop showing trend lines chart.
Illustration of a person pointing at Social Explorer data filter feature user interface element.

Answer research questions.

For example, it’s very easy to determine census tracts in your community where households spend more than 30% of income on housing. One could further break this down into renters and homeowners.

Data insights are waiting to be uncovered
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