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TUESDAY, MAR 15, 2022
Social Explorer Supports Voting Rights in Georgia’s 2020 Special Senatorial Election

The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. and other organizations were very concerned about Cobb County, Georgia, eliminating advance voting sites for the 202...

MONDAY, APR 19, 2021
Sixteen States Sue to Block Census Bureau Data Privacy Method

The Census Bureau plans to release the state population counts used to apportion Congress by April 30.  In August, it will release the first wave of redistricting...

MONDAY, JAN 25, 2021
Biden Issues Executive Order Overturning Plans to Exclude Undocumented Immigrants in Decennial Census

President Joe Biden, who took office Wednesday with a lengthy list of executive orders designed to overturn Trump-era policies that ranged from the global fight agains...

FRIDAY, DEC 18, 2020
A Year in Review: The 2020 Wrap-Up

As we near the end of this whirlwind year, we look back at everything we were able to accomplish thanks to your continuous support and encouragement. Through all the h...

Civil Rights Organizations Used Social Explorer Tools to Alleviate Potential Voter Suppression

A consortium of civil rights organizations used Social Explorer’s award-winning online mapping tools to successfully argue against the closure of more than half ...

THURSDAY, OCT 15, 2020
Social Explorer Used to Support Successful Early Voting Sites in Florida County

Election officials in Escambia County, Fla., have agreed to add an extra early-voting and drop-box site to encourage greater turnout in Black neighborhoods, influenced...

FRIDAY, AUG 07, 2020
New Census 2020 Response Rate Data is Live on Social Explorer

At Social Explorer, our main priority is to provide clear and accurate data. Our data mapping and visualization tools strive to provide coherent insights into current ...

White House Plan for Early Shutdown of 2020 Census Count Marks “Break-the-Glass Moment”

As many as 100 million Americans haven’t been counted by the 2020 Census yet, according to a Social Explorer analysis of responses. A plan by the Trump administr...

TUESDAY, AUG 04, 2020
Renting During a Global Pandemic

The number of Americans who fell behind on their last month’s rent rose by another 1 million over the week, according to a Social Explorer analysis of the Census...

MONDAY, JUL 27, 2020
Where are Renters Spending Half of Their Income for Housing in the U.S.?

It’s a well-known fact that rents are highest in cities like New York, San Francisco, and Chicago. But as a percentage of income, slightly more than 10 million A...

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