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MONDAY, APR 18, 2022
Social Explorer has Enabled Shaded Area Visualizations for Counts!

It's finally here by popular demand! Social Explorer has enabled shaded area visualization for counts!  You asked, and we delivered. While previously counts c...

MONDAY, MAR 28, 2022
The American Community Survey 2020 5-Year Estimates are Live on Social Explorer!

Social Explorer is proud to announce that we have published the greatly anticipated American Community Survey (ACS) 2020 five-year estimates. Thousands of variables fr...

THURSDAY, DEC 09, 2021
Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022 – Social Explorer Wrapped!

What new features, updates, and datasets did 2021 bring us? In case you forgot, we look back at all the new goodies that we’ve added to Social Explorer in the pa...

New Drop a Pin Feature on Maps

You can now run a drive time or radius analysis on any given piece of land in the United States with Social Explorer using our new Drop a Pin feature. And when we say ...

Try Our Citation Tool on Social Explorer Maps and Reports

When writing academic and research papers, citing sources is an integral part of any academic work. However, properly citing a source can be a hassle, requiring you to...

MONDAY, MAY 24, 2021
Change Over Time Now Available on our New Reports Tool

Have you always wanted to compare the same data across different years but did not want to create multiple reports to do so? You asked, and we delivered. We know that ...

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