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Blog - Category New Features
FRIDAY, MAY 07, 2021
New Search Variables Feature is Live!

With hundreds of thousands of data variables to search through on Social Explorer, sometimes finding the exact variable you need can be time-consuming. With our new Se... more

FRIDAY, APR 09, 2021
New Additions to the Social Explorer Storytelling Feature

Storytelling with Social Explorer just got a major upgrade. If you thought this feature was cool before, wait until you see what we just added! The storytelling featur... more

MONDAY, APR 05, 2021
Save Places on Social Explorer

Discovering trends in any area of interest has never been easier! With Social Explorer’s new My Places feature, you can now search for any location across the Un... more

FRIDAY, FEB 26, 2021
Social Explorer’s New Training Modules are Live

Social Explorer is continually expanding our content to offer better products, services, and data-driven solutions to our broad range of users. We specifically strive ... more

THURSDAY, FEB 11, 2021
Now Save List of Tables as Custom Templates on Social Explorer

You can now create and save custom made templates to your Social Explorer account. With this new feature, you no longer have to re-select tables every time you create ... more

FRIDAY, FEB 05, 2021
Radius and Drive Time Feature On Social Explorer

Social Explorer offers valuable data, tools, and insights to help you confidently target and analyze any tract of land in the United States, allowing you to make suppo... more

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