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Blog - Category Case Studies
TUESDAY, NOV 05, 2019
Case Study: Teaching with Prison Data in the Social Sciences

“When you’re teaching courses in the social sciences, students often think, especially in Sociology, that everything is based on your opinion. I use Social... more

THURSDAY, OCT 17, 2019
Analyzing Urban Walkability with Social Explorer

“I use Social Explorer basically everyday for all sorts of things. From looking up facts, downloading data, and visualizing key data points to thinking about wha... more

Case Study: Teaching Sociology with Social Explorer

“Place is such a powerful, significant symbol and it spans across disciplines. My argument is that with Social Explorer, I can see a tie-in with place-based data... more

MONDAY, SEP 23, 2019
Case Study: Historical Research with Social Explorer

“Social Explorer has been incredibly helpful for me. It makes census data a lot easier and it's all in one place. I started using Social Explorer as an under... more

MONDAY, SEP 09, 2019
Case Study: Using Social Explorer to Boost Community Development

“What I love about Social Explorer is that it seems to be one of the more user-friendly experiences that I've had. I love the feature that you can do kind of... more

THURSDAY, SEP 05, 2019
Case Study: How to Revolutionize Market Research with Social Explorer

“The maps are great, as an output thing and a way of selecting the areas. Social Explorer is more user-friendly than Factfinder. Good for discovering interested ... more

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