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MONDAY, JAN 18, 2021
Social Explorer Continues to Track the Spread of COVID-19 in 2021

Unfortunately, the global coronavirus pandemic did not end when the clock struck midnight on New Year’s and we began 2021 on an unusually quiet note. A year has ... more

THURSDAY, JAN 14, 2021
Population with Doctorate Degrees in the U.S.

When President-elect Joe Biden is sworn in as president on Jan. 20, his wife Jill will become the first resident with a doctorate in more than a century. Roughly 3.1 m... more

Five Maps for 2021 You Need to See

With 2020 finally behind us, we want to start the new year looking forward. Specifically, we want to look at insights and data that can give us a better idea of what l... more

TUESDAY, JAN 12, 2021
Change in U.S. Black Population in the Last Decade

The nation’s Black population has grown more than 7.5 percent over the past decade, according to a Social Explorer analysis of newly released 2015-19 American Co... more

MONDAY, JAN 11, 2021
Income Gap Inequality in the U.S.

Nine of the 10 U.S. counties with the greatest gaps between rich and poor grew even more unequal during the last decade, according to a Social Explorer analysis of new... more

Non-family Households in the U.S.

The percentage of Americans living alone ticked up slightly over the last decade, according to a Social Explorer analysis of newly released 2015-19 American Community ... more

TUESDAY, JAN 05, 2021
Percentage of Homes Without a Mortgage Across the U.S.

The Great American Middle-Class Dream – owning your home, free and clear – is a reality for more than a third of the nation’s homeowners, according t... more

MONDAY, JAN 04, 2021
Median Household Income Gains Over the Last Decade

More than 85 percent of the nation’s metropolitan statistical areas have posted median household income gains over the last decade, even after accounting for inf... more

Work from Home Before the Global Pandemic

It’s not much of a spoiler to say this number is going to be much higher next year. In 2019 – also known as Before Times, for a workforce that spent much o... more

MONDAY, DEC 28, 2020
Remember Work Commutes?

Although it may have seemed like a long time ago, it was only in 2019 that the average American endured a 27-minute commute to work. Four of the 10 lengthiest commutes... more

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