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THURSDAY, SEP 17, 2020
Social Explorer First to Publish ACS 2019 1-Year Estimates

Always one step ahead, Social Explorer is proud to announce that we are the first data mapping platform to publish the American Community Survey (ACS) 2019 1-Year Esti... more

TUESDAY, SEP 15, 2020
Almost Half of Americans Behind on Rent Fear Eviction Amid Global Pandemic

Almost half of Americans who are behind on their rent believe it’s very or somewhat likely that they’ll be evicted within the next two months, ac... more

MONDAY, SEP 14, 2020
Mentally Unhealthy Days Per Month Across the U.S.

Depression, which generally affects 7.1 percent of Americans, is apparently becoming more prevalent as a global pandemic continues with no end in sight. A Social Explo... more

THURSDAY, SEP 10, 2020
Biggest Relative Increase in Coronavirus Infections Include Major College Campuses

Eight of the 10 metro areas with the biggest relative increase in coronavirus infections over the last two weeks include major college campuses, according to a Social ... more

Mortgage-Free Households, 1920-2018

It may be difficult to imagine a time when most American homeowners didn’t have a mortgage to pay. Only 37 percent of American homeowners are living mortgage-fre... more

MONDAY, SEP 07, 2020
Rent Costs as a Percentage of Income

Americans who received $1,200 stimulus payments will mostly use the money for food, according to the Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey – but rent and ... more

THURSDAY, SEP 03, 2020
Young Americans Making More than $200,000 Annually

Young Americans who make more than $200,000 annually make up a majority of households in one large U.S. Census tract – located in New York City’s financial... more

SUNDAY, AUG 30, 2020
Inflation-Adjusted Housing Values Over the Last 50 Years

It’s possible that young Americans have a point when they complain they’ve been priced out of the housing market. A Social Explorer analysis of Census data... more

FRIDAY, AUG 28, 2020
Racial Makeup of the U.S. During the Civil War

Confederate sympathizers may claim the American Civil War was fought over states’ rights, but a cursory examination of results from an 1860 Census map makes it c... more

TUESDAY, AUG 25, 2020
The Impact of the Pandemic to be felt Hardest Among Renters in the Deep South

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic is being felt hardest among renters in the Deep South, according to a Social Explorer analysis of the Census Bureau’s July... more

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