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FRIDAY, NOV 08, 2019
As Capital’s Baseball Futility Remained Constant, Demographics Changed Over the Decades

The 1930s was the last decade when the Washington, D.C., area had fewer than 500,000 residents – and until last month, the last time its baseball team had a shot... more

TUESDAY, NOV 05, 2019
Case Study: Teaching with Prison Data in the Social Sciences

“When you’re teaching courses in the social sciences, students often think, especially in Sociology, that everything is based on your opinion. I use Social... more

TUESDAY, OCT 29, 2019
Largest Ancestral Group in U.S. Beginning to See Numbers Wane

A 200-year-old immigration wave in the U.S. is finally ebbing. The number of Americans who claim to be German-Americans – the nation’s largest ancestral gr... more

TUESDAY, OCT 22, 2019
Social Explorer Analysis: Fossil Fuel Heating Use Dropped Slightly Over Last Decade

The percentage of U.S. households relying upon fossil fuels to heat their homes has fallen during the last decade – but only slightly, indicating a major challen... more

MONDAY, OCT 21, 2019
As Recession Pain Fades, Number of Working-Age Men Begins Catching Up With Women in Labor Force

The ratio of working-age women to men in the labor force fell for the eighth straight year in 2017, falling to its lowest level since the depths of the Great Recession... more

FRIDAY, OCT 18, 2019
As Economy Continues to Heat Up, Fewer Mobile Homes Are Moving

Mobile homes, once viewed as a primary source of housing for poor people in the Deep South and Appalachia, have expanded their range to shelter poor people in the Amer... more

THURSDAY, OCT 17, 2019
Analyzing Urban Walkability with Social Explorer

“I use Social Explorer basically everyday for all sorts of things. From looking up facts, downloading data, and visualizing key data points to thinking about wha... more

Despite Instagram Fame, Van Life Remained Static Over Last Decade

Millions of Americans have been tempted by the romance of alternative housing arrangements such as a van, boat or recreational vehicle. The New York Post touts living ... more

FRIDAY, OCT 04, 2019
Introducing our new Change Over Time feature!

What if you wanted to map change in population density over a period of time at the census tract level? Or, show change over time in median household income in a speci... more

TUESDAY, OCT 01, 2019
All New ACS 2018 1-Year Estimates Now Available

From $181,200 in 2017 to $186,000 in 2018, the median home value in the state of Pennsylvania increased by a sum of roughly $5,000. While in neighboring New Jersey, th... more

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