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MONDAY, JUL 26, 2021
Where are Single-Parent Homes More Prevalent in the U.S.?

Sometimes, all that’s needed to tell a story is a map. Single-parent families in 2019 were clustered in the nation’s poorest counties – the Rio Grand... more

MONDAY, JUL 26, 2021
Median Household Income in the U.S., 2019

Nine of the 10 U.S. counties where residents have seen the biggest increases in median household income over the last decade have built additional wealth on energy or ... more

Median Home Values Across the United States

Peoria, Ill., used to be shorthand for typical America. But when it comes to housing, typical America is now Flagler County, with a median home value that’s equa... more

TUESDAY, JUL 13, 2021
Expenditures for Food Prepared at Home

More evidence for the Deep South as the capital of home cooking. A Social Explorer analysis of data compiled by Easy Analytic Software Inc. finds 7 of the 10 counties ... more

Where to Find the Biggest Bookworms in America?

New York may be the literary capital of the United States, but when it comes to people who buy books, it’s taking a back seat to Los Angeles, the entertainment c... more

TUESDAY, JUL 06, 2021
Coronavirus Death Rates Across the United States

The COVID-19 pandemic has been most obvious in the nation’s major cities, but it’s the small-town rural American counties that have borne the worst of the ... more

FRIDAY, JUL 02, 2021
Which U.S Counties are Spending 50% or More on Rent?

Some of the counties where a majority of Americans spent more than 35 percent of their income on rent in 2019 weren’t surprising – in Miami-Dade County, Fl... more

Healthy Eaters Across the United States

Who’s eating their fruit and vegetables? Apparently, people living on the West Coast, according to a Social Explorer analysis of data compiled by Easy Analytics ... more

Median Income in Black Households, 2019

Counties with high median incomes for Black households differ considerably from places with high incomes for white households, according to a Social Explorer analysis ... more

TUESDAY, JUN 15, 2021
Native-Born U.S. Population, 2010-2019

Only three U.S. counties with no foreign-born residents in 2010 reported a 100 percent native population in 2019, according to a Social Explorer analysis of newly rele... more

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