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FRIDAY, JUL 10, 2020
Broadband Internet Subscription in the U.S.

When schools reopen later this summer, whether physically or virtually, it’s likely that access to high-speed internet will be a prerequisite to learning. Yet mo... more

Find Safe, Socially Distant Getaways with Social Explorer

Pulitzer Prize-winning writer and environmentalist Wallace Stegner once described the nation's national parks as "the best idea we ever had." He may have... more

MONDAY, JUL 06, 2020
Asian-American Population in the United States

Asian-Americans, the nation's fastest-growing racial group during the first decade of the century, are likely to remain the fastest-growing single racial group dur... more

FRIDAY, JUL 03, 2020
Coronavirus Pandemic Likely to Affect Uninsured Young Americans

Having torn through major cities in the Northeastern United States and killed thousands of elderly people, the coronavirus pandemic is now bringing misery to rural par... more

THURSDAY, JUL 02, 2020
The U.S. is an Aging Nation

The U.S. is an aging nation. The median age in more than 85 percent of 3,140 counties has increased over the last decade, according to a Social Explorer analysis of 20... more

MONDAY, JUN 29, 2020
Social Explorer is COUNTER Certified

We are very proud to announce that Social Explorer is now COUNTER certified! This new achievement makes Social Explorer the only online mapping application currently a... more

TUESDAY, JUN 23, 2020
Social Explorer Among First 10 Recipients of Upwork Grant for COVID-19 Mitigation Projects

Social Explorer, the award-winning demographics and mapping website, is among the 10 recipients of the first Upwork Work Together Talent Grants, the on-demand tal... more

MONDAY, JUN 22, 2020
Social Explorer’s Reports Tool Has a New Look

Same Tool with an Upgraded Look If you liked our report making capabilities before, you are going to love them now. Social Explorer’s Reports tool has gone throu... more

SATURDAY, JUN 20, 2020
Minority Businesses Feel Pain of Pandemic From Financial As Well As Health Standpoint

The coronavirus pandemic isn’t just affecting the health of minorities disproportionately; according to a recently released report featuring Social Explorer-driv... more

FRIDAY, JUN 19, 2020
Black Lives Matter Movement Gains Support From Diverse Demographic Swath of U.S.

Protests of police treatment of people of color have migrated from urban, majority-minority cities to smaller, whiter communities over the last month, according to a S... more

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