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THURSDAY, OCT 22, 2020
Is There any Escaping the Coronavirus Pandemic in the U.S?

Is there any escaping the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S? It began in Seattle, then ravaged the Northeast and swept through the Sun Belt. The latest spike in cases is... more

TUESDAY, OCT 20, 2020
2020 Elections May Mirror 2012 Presidential Map

The most litigated presidential election since 1876? The most divisive contest since 1968? The closest since 2000? If polls are correct, the 2020 election may just win... more

MONDAY, OCT 19, 2020
Change in Wisconsin Demographics in Slight Democratic Favor

Less than six weeks before the 2020 presidential election, Wisconsin and its 10 electoral votes is shaping up as one of the keys to victory for President Donald Trump.... more

FRIDAY, OCT 16, 2020
Change in Married-Couple Households in the Last Decade

The percentage of married-couple households, which constituted a majority in more than half of all U.S. states as little as a decade ago, has plunged. Married couples ... more

THURSDAY, OCT 15, 2020
Social Explorer Used to Support Successful Early Voting Sites in Florida County

Election officials in Escambia County, Fla., have agreed to add an extra early-voting and drop-box site to encourage greater turnout in Black neighborhoods, influenced... more

MONDAY, OCT 12, 2020
Change in Arizona’s Demographics Could Tip Elections

Less than a generation ago, Arizona was one of the most solidly Republican states in the nation. In 2020, its 7.3 million people will be residents of a hotly contested... more

FRIDAY, OCT 09, 2020
Explore our New LEMAS Dataset

Adhering to our commitment to offer the latest, up-to-date data, we have recently added the Law Enforcement Management and Administrative Statistics (LEMAS) dataset to... more

Workplace Mobility During a Global Pandemic

Photos of deserted downtown districts this summer in New York, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C., aren’t lying – commuting trips are down by about 50 per... more

MONDAY, OCT 05, 2020
Social Explorer Ties COVID, Mobility, Demographic and Business Data Together for Customizable Mapping Projects

As part of its continuing effort to help individuals and businesses understand the ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic, Social Explorer has unveiled a new suite ... more

FRIDAY, OCT 02, 2020
Income Inequality Across the U.S.

Eight of the 10 most unequal metro areas in the U.S. are located east of the Mississippi River, according to the 2019 American Community Survey. Meridian, Miss., has t... more

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