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Social Explorer has Enabled Shaded Area Visualizations for Counts!

MONDAY, APR 18, 2022

It's finally here by popular demand! Social Explorer has enabled shaded area visualization for counts! 

You asked, and we delivered. While previously counts could only be viewed as bubbles or dot density visualizations, we have just upgraded our visualization features to include shaded area as well. This means you can now view counts such as total population and aggregate income as shaded area visualizations. This new feature will promote the ability to manipulate visualization types in the legend (cutpoints auto adjust, shaded/bubble selection, cutpoints entry points, etc.) and expand the legend's options to allow users to choose between visualizing counts as numbers or percentages.     

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To start visualizing counts as a shaded area, go to our mapping application and choose the data variables you would like to be shown on maps. Counts such as total population, occupied housing units, total violent crimes are all examples of counts that now include shaded area visualizations.

You can now choose between all three visualization types, including shaded area, to visualize counts

While all three visualization types have their uses and benefits, our users now have the complete freedom to choose how to visualize their data, once again upgrading their user experience on our intuitive platform.  

Be the first to explore this new feature only on Social Explorer! Also, be sure to let us know about other features you want to see included and integrated onto our platform by contacting us

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Author: Hana Trokic

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