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New Drop a Pin Feature on Maps


You can now run a drive time or radius analysis on any given piece of land in the United States with Social Explorer using our new Drop a Pin feature. And when we say any piece of land, we mean it.

While previously our radius analysis and drive time features were limited to only official addresses, this new feature allows you to pin any area on the map, mark it, and then run the appropriate analysis of your choice.

This feature is sure to help real estate professionals, urban planners, and business or construction developers who are constantly looking for new potential in what is often a piece of land without an official address.

Discover Hidden Potential

To begin searching for new development opportunities, go to Social Explorer maps. Search for any area of land throughout the United States that is of interest to you, and once you’ve found the next big thing, it’s time to mark it! To do so, click on the pin icon on the map header beside the search bar—otherwise known as our new Drop a Pin feature.

Click on the pin icon to drop a pin on your map

Click on any area of the map to add your pin and begin your analysis. Once you’ve added your pin to the map, you will see the coordinates of your custom pin on the right-hand menu and also have the option of saving it to your places.

Save your custom pin to you places for easier access and future analysis

You can then begin choosing your parameters for analysis. You will have the option of selecting from radius, drive, walking, and cycling time analysis. Then, choose whether you would like a single or multi-ring analysis and up to three selected areas or add a custom value by clicking the “+” option.

If you would like more information about how to use our radius and drive time features, read our detailed blog post here.

Choose the parameters for your radius or drive time analysis for your custom pin

Once you have chosen all of your parameters for your analysis, select the report you would like to create and click “Create report.” Your newly created report will appear in a separate tab.

Create a report of your choice for your custom pin

Give It a Shot!

We would love to know how we can help you do more with our platform. Try out this exciting new feature on Social Explorer and tell us what you think. Use the Feedback option at the top of the map, or send us your suggestions, comments, and questions to

Author: Hana Trokic

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