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TUESDAY, DEC 05, 2017
Alabama Evangelicals and Elections
On December 12th, Alabamans will elect a new senator to fill the seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. As our historical election maps show, Alabama has been... more
FRIDAY, NOV 03, 2017
Virginia Elections and Immigration
Leading up to Election Day, explore Social Explorer’s historical election results maps. One hotly contested race is Virginia’s gubernatorial election. Taki... more
FRIDAY, OCT 06, 2017
Puerto Ricans in the United States
Building on Social Explorer's examination of Puerto Rico demographics, we turn to Puerto Ricans living in the 50 states. In the aftermath of the hur... more
Puerto Rico's Demography
After Hurricane Maria's devastation and President Trump's recent visit, Puerto Rico has been in the spotlight. For more context, Social Explorer user... more
MONDAY, SEP 18, 2017
Celebrating National Unmarried and Singles Week
Happy National Unmarried and Singles Week! The celebration originated in Ohio over 30 years ago when the Buckeye Singles Council of Columbus started National... more
TUESDAY, AUG 29, 2017
Texas in Depth: The Path of Hurricane Harvey
Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas and the rain continues to fall. At least 10 people died and countless homes have flooded. Using Social Explorer’s Ameri... more
SUNDAY, AUG 20, 2017
A Closeup on Charlottesville Data
This month, Charlottesville, VA, became a center of hatred and chaos. On August 11th, white supremacists rallied with lit torches on the University of Virginia campus.... more
American Healthcare
As politicians fight over healthcare policy in DC, Social Explorer takes a look at America’s health and voting patterns using different maps and datasets. In add... more
SATURDAY, JUN 17, 2017
Father's Day by the Numbers
The third Sunday of June is reserved for fathers to fire up the barbecue, geek out on puns, and celebrate Father’s Day. According to the United States Census Bur... more
TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2017
Happy Bike to Work Week!
May is Bike to Work Month, and we are now rolling through Bike to Work Week. Friday is Bike to Work Day, and soon, we'll have Bike to Work Hour. Biking is her... more
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