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Signal Brands Point Data Added to Our Layer Library

FRIDAY, APR 16, 2021

Where popular establishments, such as Starbucks, Target, Whole Foods, Walmart, and CVS, choose to open up locations says a lot about an area and its demographic profile. 

If you’ve ever wanted to find out where all these establishments are located across the United States, say no more. With Social Explorer's new Signal Brands map layer, you can now see where popular brands are located down to the census block. Through this data layer, gain valuable insights into the location of these establishments and explore additional demographic trends, such as median income in the area, median age, median housing value, and more.  

Let's Get Started

Just how many Starbucks coffee houses are in your area? Where exactly in your county can you get a Honey Oatmilk Latte? To find out, open the Social Explorer map and click on the "More option" hamburger icon on the left-hand menu. Next, click on +Add layer. This will open up the Layer library. The "Signal Brands" map layer is the first option.

You can see all the Social Explorer data layers available in our Layer library. Simply click on "+" to add your desired layers—in this case, "Signal Brands”—and click Add. 

Add the Signal Brands map layer to start exploring

Once added, the layer will be visible in the map legend on the bottom right-hand corner. Through the legend, you can choose which point data you would like to be visible on your map. You can keep them all on or choose the specific brands of interest you would like to visualize.

The Signal Brands map layer will appear in the map legend

Note: Make sure to zoom into the map to make the point data visible

For example, to see where all Starbucks are located in your area of interest, turn off all brands except Starbucks.

All Starbucks locations in New York City

With many brands to choose from in the Signal Brands map layer, you can explore several popular brand locations through this newly added point data layer on Social Explorer. Which brand locations are you interested in exploring the most?

Let Us Know

Have you tried our new Signal Brands map layer? Let us know what you think. Are there any other brands you would like us to add to our platform? Please send all of your comments, suggestions, and feedback through this link or send us an email at

We look forward to hearing from you!

Author: Hana Trokic

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