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Social Explorer Case Study: Segregation in Your Community

THURSDAY, MAY 19, 2022


The Anti-Discrimination Center is a New York-based nonprofit that works to prevent and remedy all forms of housing, employment, education, and public accommodation discrimination through advocacy, litigation, education, outreach, monitoring, and research. Because a primary mission of the center is fighting housing discrimination and segregation in the United States, the organization wanted to understand the prevalence of segregation.


Social Explorer used its platform and custom data to create three maps of the United States, showing the degree of racial segregation for African-Americans; ethnic segregation for Hispanics; and the degree to which a racial or ethnic groups makes up the largest percentage of any given geography. 

(The maps allow for visualization at state, county, Census tract, and block-group levels. A block is the proverbial atom of the Census – a unit of Census tracts that generally contain between 600 and 3,000 people and are used to draw political boundaries every 10 years.) 


The visualization created for the Anti-Discrimination Center was a viral hit and was used as the basis for a story by the Huffington Post. A first visualization led to so much traffic that the organization’s website was overwhelmed. A second version was more successful, hosted directly on Social Explorer. A new version of the visualization was developed, using 2020 Census data.

Author: Frank Bass

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