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Which U.S Counties are Spending 50% or More on Rent?

FRIDAY, JUL 02, 2021

Some of the counties where a majority of Americans spent more than 35 percent of their income on rent in 2019 weren’t surprising – in Miami-Dade County, Fla., for example, 51.5 percent of renters dedicated more than a third of their income to housing. A Social Explorer analysis of 2015-19 American Community Survey data finds other counties have a surprisingly high percentage of overburdened renters.

Madison County, Idaho, topped the list, with 61.7 percent of renters spending more than 35 percent of their income on rent (38.9 percent dropped more than 50 percent on housing). Four other counties had renters spending 35 percent or more on housing: Valley County, Idaho (58.5 percent); Somerset County, Md. (53.6 percent); Perquimans County, N.C. (51.4 percent); and Cumberland County, N.J. (50.9 percent). Find the counties where renters spend more than 50 percent of income on housing with Social Explorer’s online, award-winning mapping tools.


Renter Occupied Housing, 50% of More of Income Spent on Rent. Click here to explore further.

Author: Frank Bass

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