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Where are the Most Vacant Homes Located?

MONDAY, APR 04, 2022

As the nation grapples with an affordable housing crisis caused primarily by a supply crunch, it’s worth wondering where the most vacant homes are located. Recently released Census data has the answer: Primarily in expensive resort areas. Nine of the 10 counties with the highest rates of vacant homes are located in recreational areas from eastern Massachusetts to the eastern Aleutian Islands of Alaska.

More than 87 percent of housing units in Daggett County, Utah – a jumping-off point for Green River rafting and fishing — were vacant, according to the 2016-20 American Community Survey. It was trailed by Hamilton County, N.Y. (84.2 percent), one of only two counties to be wholly within the Adirondack National Park, and Rich County, Utah (79.1 percent), another northern Utah outdoor recreational center.

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Author: Frank Bass

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