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Texas Dominates List of Counties with Highest Percentage of Mexican-American Population, According to Recent Survey: Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Social Explorer’s Mapping Tools

SUNDAY, APR 16, 2023

Twenty-three of the 25 counties with the greatest percentages of Mexican-American origin are located in Texas, according to the 2017-21 American Community Survey. Imperial County, Calif. (85.1 percent) and Santa Cruz County, Ariz. (83.2 percent) were the only non-Texas counties in the top 25.

Tiny Kenedy County, Texas, had the greatest percentage of Mexican-Americans, with 166 of its 169 residents (98.2 percent) describing themselves as being of Mexican origin. Kenedy County was trailed by Zavala County (93 percent); Maverick County (91.3 percent); Starr County (91.2 percent); and Webb County, Texas (90.4 percent).

As Cinco de Mayo approaches, use Social Explorer’s intuitive mapping and reporting tools to view the percentage of Mexican-Americans in your county.

Mexican Origin Counties. Click here to explore further.

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Author: Frank Bass

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