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SUNDAY, MAR 22, 2020

 A New York Times article details how Arizona's booming economy has attracted new residents and shifted the state's political leanings. In the "Arizona Boom Draws Californians and Changes Political Hue," reporter Conor Dougherty explores how Arizona became a magnet for technology companies and middle-class workers. Full of facts about the industries, homes and new residents, the article also features data and analysis from Social Explorer.  

Dougherty writes, "From 2012 to 2018, an average of about 250,000 people per year migrated to Arizona from other states, with the largest contribution coming from California, according to an analysis of census data by Susan Weber for the demographic research site"

As the fall election approaches, the story also adds context to how the state's voting patterns have been shifting with these changes as well.

Learn more about how the state rebounded from the recession and went on to attract new businesses and people from California and around the country.

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