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Social Explorer Used to Analyze Demographics by the New York Times

TUESDAY, JUL 19, 2022

A once bustling neighborhood park in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Sara D. Roosevelt Park has now fallen on hard times and become a meeting point for the homeless along with illegal drugs and crime. 

The issues surrounding this Manhattan park and accompanying park house have only been heightened by the pandemic. Since 2019, 51 major crimes have been reported in the park, including one murder, nine felony assaults, and 12 robberies. Many attempts have been made to overturn the unfortunate fate of the once flourishing community center and bring it back to resemble its prosperous past. Yet, as it stands, little has been done to help improve the apparent wounds causing so many problems in and around Sara D. Roosevelt Park, while the park house has been quietly converted into storage space for equipment and supplies. 

With the help of Social Explorer's data analysis platform, the New York Times takes a deep dive into the area's demographics and looks at problems surrounding the neighborhood and potential solutions that can be implemented to bring safety and security back to the park grounds. 

You can read the full article here.  

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Author: Hana Trokic

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