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Social Explorer Ties COVID, Mobility, Demographic and Business Data Together for Customizable Mapping Projects

MONDAY, OCT 05, 2020

As part of its continuing effort to help individuals and businesses understand the ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic, Social Explorer has unveiled a new suite of tools that combines the latest demographic data with COVID-19 statistics. The project is supported through a generous grant from Upwork.

The tools, COVID-19 Insights, allow users to easily create customizable maps and reports at national, state, county, and metropolitan statistical area-level geographies. Users can design their reports or maps to show coronavirus cases and rates by total population, age, race, or income.

COVID-19 Insights also offers unique information to help assess the impact of the pandemic, such as mobility data that shows changes in the percentage of trips for retail, grocery, workplace, residential, travel, and recreational purposes. In addition, Social Explorer has tied jobs data to the suite of COVID-related data, offering information about employment, joblessness, and labor force participation.


Explore our New COVID-19 Insights Dataset. Click here to explore further.

“The idea here is that we’re pulling together key metrics of the disease, its effects, and the populations that are impacted, in a way that allows real patterns and connections to emerge” said Dickson Musslewhite, CEO of Social Explorer. “We’re grateful for Upwork's generous support, and the participation of their talented people.”

COVID Insights synchronizes a variety of data on a monthly basis so users can track the spread of the virus across geographies and within the variables since January. It includes COVID data provided by the New York Times and COVID tracking projects. The demographic data is part of Social Explorer’s award-winning collection of databases, the mobility data was developed by Google, and the employment data is provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Social Explorer, founded in 1999 by Andrew Beveridge and Ahmed Lacevic, is an online platform that democratizes data visualization and analysis with a broad suite of demographic, political, health and business data. Upwork is a Santa Clara, Calif.-based platform that connects businesses and individuals, posting 3 million jobs worth more than $1 billion annually.

Author: Frank Bass

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