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Social Explorer's Andrew Beveridge Provided Expert Testimony for Landmark Housing Segregation Case

SATURDAY, AUG 15, 2009

A federal district court ruling will compel Westchester County to address housing segregation.  Social Explorer's Andrew Beveridge provided expert testimony for reports and depositions. As stated in the New York Times article covering the case, Beveridge found that, “racial isolation is increasing for blacks, falling slightly for whites” and that “income level has very little impact on the degree of residential racial segregation experienced by African-Americans.” Sam Roberts wrote that, "Judge Cote concluded that Westchester had made little or no effort to find out where low-income housing was being placed, or to finance homes and apartments in communities that opposed affordable housing." According to the settlement, Westchester County will have to create 750 units of affordable housing in the next seven years, at least 630 of which will have to be in the most segregated neighborhoods of the county. For more information on the case and Beveridge's testimony, please visit the Anti-Discrimination Center.
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