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Social Explorer in The New York Times on Bike-Lane Controversy

THURSDAY, NOV 29, 2018

New York Times article on a neighborhood divided over the addition of a new bike path cites Social Explorer in the discussion. The city plans to build an access ramp in a quiet park on the East Side of Manhattan, giving cyclists access to a new esplanade. Many local residents, many of them elderly, are concerned about the change and what the influx of bike riders could mean for their enjoyment of the park. 

Reporter Winnie Hu details the controversy in her article, "In This Corner of New York City, It’s Gray-Haired Pedestrians vs. Bikes." She uses Social Explorer to add context to the neighborhood:

Some opponents say the new bridge and esplanade will primarily benefit people who are younger, physically fit or active, and not a neighborhood filled with older residents. About 61 percent of Sutton Place residents are over the age of 55, compared with roughly 24 percent citywide, according to an analysis of census data by Social Explorer, a research company.

The article also cites neighborhood resident and Social Explorer collaborator, Prof. David Halle.

Cilck here to read the full article.

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