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Social Explorer Featured in NY Times Article on Homelessness in LA


In "Black, Homeless and Burdened by L.A.’s Legacy of Racism," reporters Jugal K. Patel, Tim Arango, Anjali Singhvi and Jon Huang detail how discrimination contributed to the homeless crisis. African Americans make up 8 percent of Los Angeles County's population, but they are 42 percent of the homeless population. The article weaves together personal stories of homeless Angelenos with demographics and maps, drawing on data from Social Explorer. 

Housing trends, particularly the practice of redlining, combined with a decline in manufacturing jobs hit African American communities the hardest. A series of maps created using Social Explorer analysis of census data illustrates the loss of majority-black neighborhoods in Los Angeles County over fifty years. 

A map showing the percent of income spent on rent further illustrates the housing instability for African American residents of Los Angeles. The map is based on a Social Explorer analysis of census data from IPUMS. 

Click here to read the full article.

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