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Social Explorer Election Maps: A Closeup on California’s 48th Congressional District

MONDAY, OCT 29, 2018

With the midterm elections fast approaching, the nation speculates on who will end up controlling Congress. We take a closer look at one of the key districts in play using Social Explorer’s election maps and demographic data.

Examining California’s 48th congressional district, Republican incumbent Rep. Dana Rohrabacher has been in office since 1989, after working as a speechwriter and special assistant to Ronald Reagan. In 2016, Rohrabacher won by 16.6 percentage points, but now he faces a competitive opponent. Democratic challenger, businessman and former Republican Harley Rouda could win the seat—one of many districts that could change from Republican to Democratic control this year.

The 48th district is located in Southern California's Orange County. Stretching along the coastline, it is anchored by Huntington Beach. The district changed shape and number over the decades after redistricting, but has always been in this general area. According to American Community Survey data, the median household income for the district in 2016 was $83,894—51.6 percent higher than the national median income and 31.2 percent higher than the state median income.

Explore a map of the district’s 2016 congressional election results.

Hillary Clinton won in the district in 2016, reversing a trend of Republican presidential domination seen for decades. As the following charts based on our Election Maps show, California State has long been a Democratic Party stronghold. Meanwhile, Orange County voters have slowly shifted over the years to vote for the Democrat.

Explore our entire election maps collection here.

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