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Social Explorer Among First 10 Recipients of Upwork Grant for COVID-19 Mitigation Projects

TUESDAY, JUN 23, 2020

Social Explorer, the award-winning demographics and mapping website, is among the 10 recipients of the first Upwork Work Together Talent Grants, the on-demand talent company announced today.

The grants, which were established to help fund company efforts mitigating the effect of the coronavirus pandemic, provide as much as $25,000 in credits that can be used to hire Upwork contracts who represent more than 80 categories of work. Social Explorer plans to use the grant to create easy-to-use tools that track and share data from the pandemic.

Social Explorer introduced an online COVID-19 data set earlier this year that allows users to explore and visualize the health, economic, and social effects of the worst pandemic in more than a century and will use the Talent Grant to improve its capabilities. The data, which tracks back to Jan. 21 and is updated daily, provides individuals, businesses, and organizations with accessible, clear, and actionable information that can be used to understand challenges posed by the pandemic and make better decisions. The data include cumulative confirmed cases and deaths, hospitalizations, viral growth rates, test results, and more information for the entire United States at state, county, and metro levels. 

"Social Explorer is very grateful for the Upwork Talent Grant, so that we may develop our tool to track economic gains during the reopening of America," said Andrew Beveridge, the website's co-founder and president.

Since its creation in 1999, Social Explorer has grown to become an indispensable online mapping and geography tool for more than 350 college libraries and 1.5 million annual users. The company’s online tool kit also includes a wide variety of demographic, environmental, election, crime, and business data that can be visualized at different geographic levels. Its maps and analyses have been used by a wide spectrum of content providers, including the New York Times and Washington Post.

Upwork, based in Santa Clara, Calif., claims 14 million registered users in 180 countries. The global occupational matchmaking platform's annual "Freelancing in America" report estimates that independent contractors contribute almost $1 trillion every year to the U.S. economy.

Author: Frank Bass

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