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Single Earner Families in the United States

FRIDAY, JUL 15, 2022

The single-earner family isn’t dead – although it might not be doing so well. Almost 1 in 3 of the 79.8 million U.S. households had one person bringing home the family’s income, according to a Social Explorer analysis of 2016-20 American Community Survey data.  A majority – 53.5 percent – had two or more earners supporting the family.

Many of the counties with the highest concentrations of single-family earners have military bases within or close to their boundaries. Christian County, a southwestern Kentucky neighbor to Fort Campbell, had the highest percentage of single-earner families in the nation among counties with more than 10,000 families, with 44.7 percent. It was followed by Russell County, Ala., on the Georgia border with Fort Benning (44.5 percent); Lea County, N.M., on the Texas border (43.8 percent); St. Mary Parish, La., on the Atchafalaya Basin (43.7 percent); and Vernon Parish in western Louisiana, home to Fort Polk (43.5 percent).

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Single Earner Families, 2020. Click here to explore further.

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Author: Frank Bass

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