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Seeking Interactive Web-Based Content Developer for Historical, Sociological, Political Science and Demographic Materials

TUESDAY, FEB 04, 2014

Announcing a new job opportunity with Social Explorer (details and application instructions below).  Please feel free to circulate.

Job Opportunity: Interactive Web-Based Content Developer for Historical, Sociological, Political Science and Demographic Materials (Social Explorer)

Seeking a smart, motivated and self-directed person to develop interactive web-based content for a variety of educational materials. 

This job requires a blend of technical, critical/creative thinking, and editorial skills, and we expect to fill it with a person who has applied GIS in the field of Social Science or History.  This is more than a GIS tech job because it requires integrating GIS into a variety of disciplines, along with other content, including thematic maps (created using Social Explorer), images, videos, audios, and text materials. A background in history, social science, and/or liberal arts, as well as excellent computer skills, including some experience in programming (either programming languages or statistical packages), are required.  

Primary duties will include:

1)  Reviewing and augment GIS files (shape files), and create visualizations using charts, maps and tables.  

2)  Reviewing, commenting on, and editing scripts for web-based activities prepared by Ph.D. level subject matter experts.

3)  Designing maps in the web-based GIS underlying Social Explorer and develop interactive materials for use in undergraduate education. 

4)  Managing content that includes materials added to Social Explorer and possibly GIS and data analysis work to support litigation consulting in areas revolving around civil rights and criminal justice.

General requirements:
1)  Facility with a GIS package (most likely ARCGIS) who can review materials that go into making on-line interactive educational activities both long form and short form.  Experience with GIS a must.

2)  Facility with map design and creation in a GIS package.

3)  Experience with the statistical analysis of social science data, such as polls, surveys, census data and the like.

4)  Strong writing and critical thinking skills.

5)  At least a BA degree, with coursework in social science or history.

This job will begin as a part-time (likely half-time) consulting position, but there is very good opportunity for growth.  It is located in New York.

How to Apply:
Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to  Please be sure to describe relevant experience for the job as described above.  No phone calls please.

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