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Save Places on Social Explorer

MONDAY, APR 05, 2021

Discovering trends in any area of interest has never been easier! With Social Explorer’s new My Places feature, you can now search for any location across the United States and save it for easy access and future use.

There is no limit to the number of places you can save, allowing you the freedom to save multiple locations to explore. It is also important to note that places are saved at the account level. This means that you can view your saved places on any project, past, present, or future, since saved places are not linked to specific projects. Saved places is also intended to ease drive time and radius analysis. When we save places, we save the centroid that is used as a starting point for drive time and radius analysis. They can also be used to position the map on a particular area of interest.

Let’s Begin

Ready to start saving new places on your Social Explorer account? First, go to maps and type in your area of interest in the search bar in the upper-left corner.

Search for any address or geography in the search bar

When you’ve found your area of interest, the “Save to my places” button will appear in a popup window. Click on the button and then add a title to your place. Repeat this process for all the areas you would like to be saved to your places. 

Save your area of interest to your places

Once you have saved all of your areas of interest, you can find them all in the “My places” dropdown menu beside the search bar. Your saved places will be saved and available for all projects.

Saved places will be saved and available for all Social Explorer projects

The new My places feature will surely make exploring specific areas of interest faster and easier. You can quickly return to your saved locations to discover new trends and insights. 

Have you tried out our new feature? We want to know what you think! Let us know by sending your feedback, suggestions, comments, and questions here.

Author: Hana Trokic

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