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Renting During a Global Pandemic

TUESDAY, AUG 04, 2020

The number of Americans who fell behind on their last month’s rent rose by another 1 million over the week, according to a Social Explorer analysis of the Census Bureau’s July 26 Household Pulse Survey. The survey showed 14.8 million adults in rental housing either didn’t pay rent or arranged to have their most recent monthly rent deferred, an increase from the 13.8 million estimated in the previous week’s survey.

More than 73 million adults live in rental housing; 44.7 million reported that either they or a household member has lost employment income over the last month. The number of unemployed renters (36.48 million) also rose close to even with the number of employed renters (36.52 million), according to the survey.

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Renter-Occupied Housing in 2018. Click here to explore further.

Author: Frank Bass

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