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Rent Costs as a Percentage of Income

MONDAY, SEP 07, 2020

Americans who received $1,200 stimulus payments will mostly use the money for food, according to the Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey – but rent and mortgage payments aren’t far behind, according to a Social Explorer analysis.  Nationwide, almost two-thirds of American adults said they plan to spend some or all of their stimulus checks on rent or mortgages.

Among major U.S. metros, however, that figure varied considerably. Slightly more than 85 percent of adults in the Riverside, Calif., metro area said they’ll use part or all of their stimulus money for housing costs, trialed by Los Angeles (76.2 percent); Seattle (72.2 percent); Dallas (70.8 percent); and Houston (70.3 percent). To see which metros have the highest rent costs as a percentage of income, use Social Explorer’s customizable award-winning mapping tools.


Rent as Percentage of Income Across the U.S. Click here to explore further.

Author: Frank Bass

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