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Puerto Rico's Demography


After Hurricane Maria's devastation and President Trump's recent visit, Puerto Rico has been in the spotlight. For more context, Social Explorer users can explore Puerto Rico demographics from 2000 to the present in both maps and reports. 

  • According to the newly released 2016 American Community Survey, the island has 3,411,307 residents, making it a bit smaller than the City of Los Angeles (population 3,976,324). 
  • While the US population increased by 14.8 percent between 2000 and 2016, Puerto Rico's population shrank by 10.4 percent.
  • Looking at the 2011-15 American Community Survey maps and reports, the median household income for Puerto Rico is $19,350, a little over one third of the US median household income ($53,889).
  • Median income ranges widely from as little as $6,093 in Barranquitas Municipio to as much as $103,099 in Caguas Municipio.  

Explore the population and median income by county/municipio across the island in the below map.

Learn more about Puerto Rico using Social Explorer's maps and reports.

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