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Product Update: Improved Data Upload, Satellite View, and Embedding


Our developers have been busy working on improving data upload and we’re super excited to announce the latest iteration. For some time now, you could upload your own geospatial data and visualize it on any map, but as this feature gained more popularity, we decided to take it to the next level.

Uploaded Data Is Now More Customizable

First, we added a few marker improvements. You can use the predefined markers, but you can now combine a myriad of shapes and colors to create your own markers that match your own brand or personal preferences. You can also choose between using a single style to mark all the data points, or set a different marker for each data point. 

Then, we added a new tooltip editor, so you can now enter the content of the popup that appears when the cursor hovers on a data point. You can enter the title and the body text from any of the columns in the CSV document you uploaded. 

Rethinking Embeds

Sharing your projects, embedding in particular, is nothing new in Social Explorer. However, we noticed a couple of issues occurring, albeit rarely, on smaller devices, so we combed through the code and did some bug squashing and ironed out a few bumps. Not only do embeds work smoothly now on all screen sizes and support mobile devices natively now, they also got a noticeable facelift. Go ahead, give it a twirl and let us know how you feel about the new look!

Understand the World Around You

Another feature we revisited is the satellite image. You could already enable satellite view to display the present day satellite imagery of the area you were viewing in Social Explorer. However, certain visualization types weren’t support until today – namely, shaded area. With this latest update, you can use shaded area visualization even when satellite imagery is enabled. 

We added new options to help you create a visualization that’s just right! When you toggle on the satellite view, you can tweak data layer opacity and adjust its visibility. You can also switch between black and white and color satellite imagery to emphasize the data layer if need be. 

Check out our new features in maps today.

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