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Population with Ukrainian Ancestry in the U.S.

TUESDAY, JUL 05, 2022

There’s very little shortage of U.S. support for Ukraine, as it enters the fifth month of resisting an invasion by neighboring Russia. Some parts of the United States, however, may be more supportive than others. A Social Explorer analysis of 2016-20 American Community Survey data finds more than half a million Americans spread around the country claim at least partial Ukrainian ancestry.

Billings County, N.D., reported the highest percentage of people claiming partial Ukrainian ancestry at 17.2 percent. It was trailed by Mono County, Calif. (8.4 percent); Waynesboro City, Va. (6 percent); Suwannee County, Fla. (5.5 percent); and Lexington City, Va. (5.4 percent). Numerically, Los Angeles County has the greatest number of Ukrainian-Americans, with 12,942 residents claiming at least partial ancestral ties to the European nation.

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Ukranian Ancestry, 2020. Click here to explore further.

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Author: Frank Bass

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