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Percentage of Homes Without a Mortgage Across the U.S.

TUESDAY, JAN 05, 2021

The Great American Middle-Class Dream – owning your home, free and clear – is a reality for more than a third of the nation’s homeowners, according to a Social Explorer analysis of newly released 2015-19 American Community Survey Data. 

Counties with the fewest percentages of mortgaged homes were primarily in rural, small places in Texas, New Mexico and South Dakota. No homes were mortgaged in Kenedy or Loving County, Texas. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the highest percentages of mortgaged homes were found in the expensive suburban counties surrounding the nation’s capital. Manassas County, Va., reported 14.4 percent of homes with no mortgages, followed by Loudoun County (15.7 percent) and Prince William County (17.1 percent).

See the percentage of homes with no mortgages in your county, using Social Explorer’s easy-to-use, award-winning online mapping tools.


Homes Without Mortgage, 2019. Click here to explore further.

Author: Frank Bass

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