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Percentage Change of White Population, Census 2020

TUESDAY, OCT 12, 2021

White, non-Hispanic Americans are a majority in 298 of the nation’s 435 voting congressional districts – almost 69 percent — but lost population over the decade in 205 districts, according to a Social Explorer analysis of 2020 Census data. Three Illinois districts combined to lose more than 200,000 white people during the decade.

The Illinois 17th Congressional District, which includes much of the northwestern part of the state, lost more than 71,000 white people; overall, its population fell more than 39,000 during the decade. It was trailed by the state’s 13th Congressional District, which winds its way across the midsection of Illinois; it lost 65,000 white Americans while suffering a total population loss of more than 17,000. The Illinois 16th Congressional District, which surrounds the Chicago exurbs, reported almost 65,000 fewer white people than in 2010 while losing slightly more than 20,000 people overall. For more information on the dwindling percentages of white Americans in the nation’s congressional districts, check out Social Explorer’s flexible mapping and report tools.


Percentage Change of White Population, 2020 Census. Click here to explore further.

Author: Frank Bass

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