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Over 5 Million Native Americans Born Overseas, According to Latest American Community Survey: Social Explorer’s Mapping Tools Reveal Top Counties

SUNDAY, APR 23, 2023

Almost 5.5 million American natives, roughly 1 of every 50 people in the country, were born overseas, according to the 2017-21 American Community Survey. The figure doesn’t include the 44.8 million (13.6 percent) who were born overseas and later became U.S. citizens.

The greatest percentage of native Americans born overseas can be found in Osceola County, Fla. (18.2 percent); Terrell County, Texas (11.2 percent); Hampden County, Mass. (10.2 percent); Orange County, Fla. (9.7 percent); and Bronx County, N.Y. (7.5 percent).

See how many native Americans were born overseas with Social Explorer’s easy-to-use mapping and reporting tools.

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Author: Frank Bass

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