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Oscar Winning Data: True Grit

SUNDAY, FEB 27, 2011

As the Academy Awards judges total up the votes for tonight's awards ceremony, Social Explorer is tallying up Oscar night demographics.

True Grit brought movie viewers into the Coen brothers' adaptation of Charles Portis' tale from the American countryside.  With Social Explorer, you can venture deeper into 1870s Arkansas data.

Arkansas Map 1870

In True Grit, the story's central Ross family hail from Yell County, AK a county west of Little Rock.  In 1870, the county had 8,048 residents and 595 farms--more than one farm for every 14 people.  Over 99% of the population were raised by parents born in the US.

In the movie, young Mattie Ross heads towards Fort Smith, AK, (in Sebastian County) where her father was recently shot and killed.  Both counties were about 90% white, and about one in four people couldn't write.  In 1870, the Census Bureau counted the number of religious congregations in the US.  Baptist, Methodist and Presbyterian congregations were the most numerous in Sebastian and Yell counties.

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