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New Additions to the Social Explorer Storytelling Feature

FRIDAY, APR 09, 2021

Storytelling with Social Explorer just got a major upgrade. If you thought this feature was cool before, wait until you see what we just added!

The storytelling feature serves as a way to use Social Explorer maps to present ideas, insights, and trends. It enables you to tell a story enhanced with multimedia elements that help bring your data visualizations to life. Stories previously only allowed you to create presentations consisting of different forms of Social Explorer map visualizations, including single, side-by-side, or swipe maps. Now, we’ve added the option to add charts, surveys, and maps imported from our Vizualist platform

Tell a Story

On the bottom right-hand side of your map, near the legend, click the “Tell a Story” button to begin telling your data stories.

Click the Tell a story button to begin

From there, you will have all the options to begin creating a compelling story with Social Explorer. You have the option of creating a cover, editing or duplicating a slide, and of course, adding a new slide. Click “+ Add new slide” and then “Widget by Vizualist” to begin adding charts, surveys, and maps from Vizualist to your presentation.

Click Widget by Vizualist to start adding charts, surveys and maps

To add your widget, simply go to the desired project in Vizualist, copy the embed URL code, and paste it to the designated slide. After clicking “done,” the newly embedded image should automatically appear on the slide.

Copy the url link to add Vizualist charts, surveys, or maps to your story

The embedded link will automatically appear on your Social Explorer story

Use this new feature to enhance your storytelling on Social Explorer and create beautiful presentations filled with your data insights visualized. 

Try it Out

We would love to know how Social Explorer can help you do more with our platform. Try these exciting new additions to our story feature and tell us what you think. Click on the “more” button on the top right-hand side of the map to use the Feedback option and send us your suggestions, comments, and questions, or email us at

Author: Hana Trokic

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