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Multiracial Population in the US on the Rise, Concentrated in Hawaii and Oklahoma Counties

MONDAY, APR 10, 2023

The United States is becoming a more diverse, multiracial nation, with about 10.5 million – slightly more than 3 percent of the population – is composed of two or more races, according to the 2017-21 American Community Survey. It’s a significant increase from a decade ago, when only 5.7 million people, or roughly 1.9 percent of the population, described themselves as multiracial.

The largest concentrations of multiracial Americans were found in two states – Hawaii, which has a significant population of Asians and Native Hawaiians, and Oklahoma, which has one of the highest percentages of Native Americans in the U.S. Hawaii County, also known as the Big Island, had the highest percentage of multiracial Americans in the nation, with 22.9 percent of its residents describing themselves as multiracial. It’s followed by Coal County, Okla. (20.8 percent), and Kauai County, Hawaii (19.9 percent).

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Author: Frank Bass

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