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Healthy Eaters Across the United States


Who’s eating their fruit and vegetables? Apparently, people living on the West Coast, according to a Social Explorer analysis of data compiled by Easy Analytics Software Inc. Nine of the 10 counties where people spend the greatest share of their food budget on fruit and vegetables are on the West Coast; the top five are in Hawaii.

Households in Kalawao County, Hawaii, led the nation in healthy food spending habits, dropping 12.5 percent of their food budget on fruit and vegetables. Kalawao was trailed by Honolulu (12.5 percent), Kauai (12.2 percent), Hawaii (12.1 percent), and Maui (12.1 percent). Santa Clara County, Calif., trailed with 11.7 percent. Queens County, N.Y., was the only non-West Coast county in the top 10, with 11.6 percent of food budgets going to fruits and vegetables. Check out the percentage of healthy eaters in your county with Social Explorer’s award-winning, easy-to-use mapping tools.


Percentage of Healthy Eaters Across the U.S. Click here to explore further.

Author: Frank Bass

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