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Happy National Teachers Week!

MONDAY, MAY 08, 2017

In honor of National Teacher Day, Social Explorer takes a look at educators across the country. Celebrate the teachers in your life by exploring data, maps and analysis. National Teacher Day is part of National Teacher Appreciation Week (May 7th to 13th).

Students to Teach

More than a quarter of U.S. residents over the age of three are enrolled in school (27.1 percent). According to the 2011-15 American Community Survey, there are 82,528,567 students in America from pre-school through college. 

Find out where the most teaching activity is happening in this map of the enrolled student population (by county). 



Public vs. Private School

Public school students outnumber private school students six to one--83.7 percent to 16.3 percent. The following chart compares the different school group populations by level.


Teachers by School Type and Gender

Next we'll look at the teacher population using detailed occupation data from the 2011-15 American Community Survey. Compare the different school levels by gender in the following chart.


As the numbers show, women outnumber men in every educator category, except for postsecondary (college) level. Women outnumber men the most at the preschool and kindergarten level. Overall, there are 57,269,109 women in the education professions, compared to 43,159,971 men.

Teacher Salaries

While women make up more of the teacher population, men earn more across every level, according to median earnings data as shown in the next chart:

More information is needed to determine the reasons behind gender gaps in teaching, from preferences in pursuing the field, to geographic location, to seniority, to subject area specialization, to unions and much more. 

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