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Expenditures for Food Prepared at Home

TUESDAY, JUL 13, 2021

More evidence for the Deep South as the capital of home cooking. A Social Explorer analysis of data compiled by Easy Analytic Software Inc. finds 7 of the 10 counties where households spent the most on home-cooked food are located in Mississippi, Georgia or Tennessee.

Oglala Lakota County, S.D., had the highest percentage of expenditures for food prepared at home in 2020, with almost 59 percent of food money spent on home cooking. It was trailed by Jefferson County, Miss. (59.8 percent), Holmes County, Miss. (58.9 percent), and Hancock County, Ga. (58.8 percent).  All five of the counties with the smallest percentage of expenditures for home-cooked food were in the suburbs of Washington, D.C.: Falls Church (52.4 percent), Loudoun, Va. (52.4 percent), Arlington, Va. (52.4 percent), Fairfax, Va. (52.6 percent), and Howard, Md. (52.8 percent). Use Social Explorer’s easy-to-use, award-winning website to see how home cooking stacks up for your county.


Percentage of Expenditures for Food Prepared at Home, Market Profile Data 2020. Click here to explore further.

Author: Frank Bass

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