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Customized Social Explorer Maps Illustrate Segregation for Remapping Debate Feature


A new article on Remapping Debate examines persistent racial segregation in the US.  The story "Mapping and analysis of new data documents still-segregated America," explores the realities of racial segregation in neighborhoods across the nation.  Working with tools provided by Social Explorer, Remapping Debate released interactive maps that can zoom down to the Census Block Group level anywhere in the US, showing the high concentration of segregated neighborhoods.

Social Explorer segregation map from Remapping Debate

remapping debate

(red areas are 0% African American and gray areas are more than 50% African American)

Social Explorer map showing segregation along Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn, NY

remapping debate brooklyn

Remapping Debate analysis of 2005-09 American Community Survey data found that:

  • In a country that is only 12.1 percent African-American, 30 percent of African-Americans live in Census Block Groups that are 75 percent African-American or more.
  • 75 percent of African-Americans in the country live in only 16 percent of the Census Block Groups in the United States.
  • 50 percent of African-Americans live in Census Block Groups that have a combined African-American and Latino population of 66.85 percent or more (nationally, the latino population is approximately 15.8 percent, so the combined African-American and Latino population is just shy of only 28 percent).
Explore the maps and feature by clicking here.
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