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Social Explorer Election Maps: An Introduction

THURSDAY, SEP 01, 2016

Social Explorer users have access to a century of election data maps from Dave Leip's Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections. Explore presidential elections from 1912 to today, gubernatorial elections (including off-year elections) from 1990 to today, and congressional elections from 2000 to today. The data are displayed down to the district and county levels.

Different display options help Social Explorer users dig deeper. For example, start with a simple map showing which party won the 2012 Presidential Election by state.

This view gives a quick snapshot of the election, but does not offer much detail about the voting population or competitiveness.

This next map shows the turnout by party. The bluer the shading, the higher the margin of victory for the Obama (redder, Romney). Mouseover to see the vote breakdown in your state. Zoom in for more detail.

To illustrate actual voter power, we need to incorporate the voting population as well. The following map illustrates the distribution of voters (indicated by the bubble size) and how each county voted (indicated by the color of the bubble shading).  

Learn more about Social Explorer election maps through our other how-to blog posts between now and election day, and by watching our video with Social Explorer's Andrew Beveridge.

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