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Social Explorer is a suite of online tools that allow users to visually explore hundreds of thousands of data indicators across demography, economy, health, religion, crime and more. Users can visualize and interact with data, create reports and downloads for offline processing.

Visualize socioeconomic and demographic data

Customizable and user-friendly maps, allowing unparalleled exploration of demographic data and social change. Explore interactive maps with over 200 years of detailed data. See how your neighborhood and country have changed over the decades.

Create and export data tables and reports

Create detailed data reports with our Reporting Tools. Export one or thousands of variables and geographies quickly and easily in convenient formats for use in Excel and other analytic tools such as SAS, R, STATA and GIS. Scripts are included for reading data into popular stat packages. Start creating reports and downloading data.

Examine change using swipe map

Our Swipe Map Tool enables users to visualize change dynamically. With a “swipe” of the mouse you can switch between maps views to reveal the differences between variables and time periods. You can also add a satellite map layer to provide real-world context for your data. See how swipe feature can help you examine change.

Explore and compare data

Use our new Side-by-Side Maps Tool to display two maps at once for easy comparison and exploration. The double-map presentation helps you illustrate change over time,relationships between variables, and contrasts between geographies. See side by side feature in action.

Manage your projects

Save projects to your personal account. Share your creations by e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels. Use our embed code generator to add interactive maps and projects to your website. Export, save and print maps and visuals to enhance your reports, presentations and graphics. Create a new project.

Data resources

Our data library includes almost all of U.S. Census data starting from 1790. You can examine this wealth of demographic information at the national, state, county, ZIP code, and neighborhood levels, with some data available at 120 geographic levels of granularity.

Specialized U.S. data resources include the County Business Patterns, U.S. Business Patterns, Population Estimates, FBI Uniform Crime Report, U.S. election results from 1912, Religious Congregations and Membership Study, and County Health Rankings and Roadmaps Program data.

International data resources include the United Kingdom Census (2011), Canadian Census (2011), Eurostat demographics, World Development Indicators, and Irish religion and population data.


Population, age, sex, race, ethnicity, foreign born, language, immigration, households, families, religion


Income, poverty rates, industries, occupations, employment, workforce characteristics


House value, rent value, tenure, mortgaged, rented or owned outright, vacancy, subsidized households, public housing


School enrollment, educational attainment, graduation and dropout rates, college locations

Quality of Life

Crime, time to work, types of heating fuel, libraries, museums


Infectious diseases, chronic conditions, access to health care, health insurance, health risk factors, federal health programs, hospital locations

Election Data

Election data federal, state.

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