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With over 400 academic libraries currently subscribing to Social Explorer, we are the premier data resource and mapping tool for U.S. colleges & universities. Discover what Social Explorer can do for your library patrons.

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“My students thought Social Explorer was a fantastic resource. It's great to have access to so much historic information - they really saw how rich census data can be. It’s very user-friendly, too; the students learned to navigate effortlessly. Social Explorer inspired the best census explorations I’ve ever seen.”
Anne Knowles, Associate Professor of Geography, Middlebury College

Transform data into knowledge

Social Explorer empowers your students and faculty with data-driven solutions to their research questions.

Get data-driven insights

Thoroughly documented, always up-to-date and processed for ease of use, our datasets come from trusted public and proprietary sources. Explore, download, or map our datasets and gain unique insights at the most granular levels of geography.

Visualize your research

Our customizable, user-friendly mapping tools help you visualize your research easily. Make your research more impactful by transforming important data points into attractive visualizations. Export, embed, or share our fully interactive maps on social media.

Develop data literacy

The work of preparing students for a data-intensive world starts now. Take the lead with Social Explorer’s rich data resources and intuitive mapping tools. Foster critical thinking with data, instill decision-making and storytelling skills using data.

Truly multidisciplinary

With over half a million data indicators at your fingertips, Social Explorer is your consummate teaching tool across departments. We provide a wealth of current and historical data to help you develop fruitful multidisciplinary collaborations in teaching, learning, and research.

Counter statistics at your fingertips

Social Explorer offers our customers Counter Compliant usage data within a new self-service administrative site. Now librarians can easily track online usage statistics in a format required by most libraries.

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Save hours of work and easily explore historical and current data with beautiful maps, detailed reports & unlimited data downloads.

  • Explore and download Census data, the entire American Community Survey and specialized datasets on health, education, religion, crime, environment and more.
  • Get more out of Social Explorer with brand new datasets added regularly to our data library.
  • Harness the power of our user-friendly, easily customizable mapping tools to create stunning data visualizations for your reports and presentations.
  • Create and manage data reports for one or thousands of variables and geographies.
  • Easily download large datasets for use in GIS, Excel, SAS, R, STATA or other packages. Add your own data for further analysis.
  • With just a few clicks, share your maps, data tables, reports and presentations with the world.

Award winning

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ccAdvisor Review

Social Explorer, an award-winning data visualization tool, was recognized by ACRL-CHOICE as one of the premier products in this important category. The review recognized Social Explorer to be as “welcome in [the] classroom as the newsroom of The New York Times.” Read the ccAdvisor review.

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Telling the American Story with the U.S. Census

Sponsored by Social Explorer, this timely and informative ACRL-CHOICE webinar is for all data and social science librarians and for anyone interested in working with geospatial data. In this webinar, Professor Rebecca C. Hyde of Saint Louis University discusses storytelling opportunities with historical and current data on Social Explorer.
Watch the webinar.

All About Librarians: A Social Explorer Analysis for Oxford University Press

Many librarians know a lot about our data resources and mapping tools, so we set out to learn more about them. Social Explorer’s Sydney Beveridge, Susan Weber, and Andrew Beveridge researched data on librarians and authored the article “Librarians in the United States from 1880-2009” for Oxford University Press. Read the full feature here for more on the guardians of knowledge.

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At Social Explorer, we take 508 compliance and best practices for all website users very seriously. Accessibility ranks uppermost in the process of website development. Read the reports here. If you have any questions or comments about our 508 compliance, please email us at

Working with Consortia

Social Explorer has agreements with most of the larger consortia in the United States. If you are a member of LYRASIS, CRL, NERLs, WALDO, SCELC, COARL, WiLS or other consortia, we can work with you to ensure you get the best pricing available.

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